Honda Concept B Hybrid

2015 Honda Concept B Hybrid

The 2015 Honda Concept B Hybrid is one of the more intriguing cars Honda managed to release as a concept this year. From the current information provided by Honda, the car uses the same basic platform as the Insight but it does have a few tweaks to it in order to be lighter and better suited for the Chinese market.

Release date and price

2015 Honda Concept B

It is expected to go on sale in the late 2015 or early 2016 and as far as we know, it will only be available in China which also means this is going to be a model specifically designed for them. Unlike other Honda cars, the engine as well as most of the parts will be supplied locally in order to keep the prices down. The base car is expected to cost no more than 12 to 14.000 dollars which is incredibly well for a hybrid model.

2015 Honda Concept B Hybrid engine

We don’t know much about its engine just yet but considering the original platform, the car might get equipped with a similar engine as that of the previous Insight. This would mean a 1.3 liter aspirated inline 4 would power a generator which in its turn will power an electric motor. The total power for this should be no higher than 100 horsepower and 123 lb-ft of torque which is more than enough for city driving to be fair. However, a new engine might be developed for it which would most likely use a smaller 1 liter turbocharged petrol engine coupled to an electric motor for a similar amount of power but better fuel economy.

The transmission is likely to be different than that of the US model. Unlike the original CVT it is very likely for it to get a 6 or 8 speed automatic due to the preferences of Chinese drivers.

new 2015 Honda Concept B Hybrid


On the interior, the 2015 Honda Concept B Hybrid is quite minimalistic but the actual production car will most likely use a more conventional approach. This means standard features will include an audio system, air conditioning, electric windows as well as electric seats. There is also likely to be a small 6 inch color screen which will display information about the hybrid powertrain.

2015 Honda Concept B Hybrid exterior

2015 Honda Concept B Hybrid

On the exterior, the concept car looks amazing with a Civic inspired look, shooting brake like design as well as a great back with a strip of LED instead of the usual tail lights. The production model is expected to keep the same basic shape because it is very similar to that of the Insight, so it would only make sense. The wheels on the concept are 19 inch rims while the production car will likely get 15 or 16 inch alloys. The front is expected to remain very similar to that of the concept in order to keep that amazing look.

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